Author Index

Abbott, Karen Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy
Akutagawa, Ryūnosuke In a Grove
Albom, Mitch The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto

Baird, Mimi He Wanted the Moon
Benjamin, Melanie The Swans of Fifth Avenue
Benson, Angela The Summer of Me
Bletter, Diana A Remarkable Kindness
Bravo, Ellen Again and Again
Brown, Holly A Necessary End

Carey, Ella Paris Time Capsule
Carner, Talia Hotel Moscow
Chaplin, Lisa The Tide Watchers
Christie, Katrell Tiger Heart
Christie, Sally The Rivals of Versailles
Christie, Sally The Sisiters of Versailles
Clayton, Meg Waite The Race for Paris
Coble, Colleen Silent Night/Holy Night
Colgan, Jenny Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery
Combs, Iryna K. Black Wings
Cotton, Tommy Just Went Out For Milk
Cudmore, Libby The Big Rewind
Cushman, Kathryn Fading Starlight

DeCarlo Melissa The Art of Crash Landing
Devlin, Leah Ægir’s Curse
Dilloway, Margaret Sisters of Heart and Snow

Eickhoff, Diane Clarina Nichols
Enchi, Fumiko The Waiting Years
Evans, Lissa Crooked Heart

Fenton, Reuven Stolen Years
Fischer, Normandie Heavy Weather
Fishman, Boris Don’t Let My Baby Do Rodeo
Flynn, Eva The Renegade Queen (Rebellious Times Book 1)
Frank Benton Dorthea All the Single Ladies
Frankel, Lauren Hyacinth Girls
Friedland, Elyssa Love and Miss Communication

Gaiman, Neil Trigger Warning
Galante, Cecilia The Invisibles
Giangrande, Carole Here Comes the Dreamer
Giles, Laini The Forgotten Flapper
Girard, Anne Platinum Doll
Gooch, Brad  Smash Cut
Gottlieb, Amy The Beautiful Possible
Gowda, Shilpi Somaya The Golden Son

Hall, Sarah The Wolf Border
Hamer, Kate The Girl in the Red Coat
Harrison, Rashad The Abduction of Smith and Smith
Hashimi, Nadia When the Moon is Low
Hauck, Rachel The Wedding Chapel
Hawker, Libbie Daughter of Sand and Stone
Helms, E. Michael Deadly Ruse
Herrick, Ellen The Sparrow Sisters
Hickam, Homer Carrying Albert Home
Hislop, Victoria The Sunrise
Hunt, Angela Elwell Delilah


Jacques, Jacqueline The Illusion of Innocence
Jennings, Joy I’m Not Your “Baby”
Jenoff, Pam The Last Summer at Chelsea Beach
Johnson, Julie Christine In Another Life

Katz, Neal Outrageous: The Victoria Woodhull Saga Vol I
Khakpour, Prorchista The Last Illusion
Kiernan, Stephen P. The Hummingbird
Kitsakos, Stephen The Accidental Pilgrim
Knoll, Jessica Luckiest Girl Alive
Koch, Herman Summer House with Swimming Pool
Kseniya, Melnik Snow in May: Stories by
Kundera, Milan The Festival of Insignificance
Kyle, Taya American Wife

Lawrenson, Deborah 300 Days of Sun
Legters, Linda Connected Underneath
Lerner, Betsy The Bridge Ladies
Luzzi, Joseph In a Dark Wood

MacDonald, Marylee Montepelier Tomorrow
Mallery, Susan Thrill Me
Mars, Emma Elle
Matis, Aspen Girl in the Woods
McCoy, Sarah The Mapmaker’s Children
McDougall, Claire Veil of Time
McInerney, Monica Hello From the Gillespies
McFarlane, Mhairi It’s Not Me, It’s You
McKay Hollard, Lucienne Les Pensées: The Thoughts of Lucienne Hollard McKay
McNear, Mary Moonlight on Butternut Lake
Ming, Brian Snow Sometimes Falls
Mones, Nicole Night in Shanghai
Morrisroe, Patricia 9 1/2 Narrow
Morrow, Jill Newport

Neary, Marina Julia Martyrs and Traitors: A Tale of 1916
Neary, Marina Julia Saved by the Bang
North, Anna The Life and Death of Sophie Stark

O’Reilly, Bill Killing Patton

Pagán, Camille Life and Other Near Death Experiences
Peterson, Mary Pflum White Dresses
Pilz, Christina E. Out In The World
Purcell, Laura Mistress of the Court

Quick, Matthew Love May Fail

Redfearn, Suzanne No Ordinary Life
Ritchell, Ross The Knife
Robb, Candace A Spy for the Redeemer
Robb, Candace The Nun’s Tale
Robb, Candace The Apothecary Rose
Robuck, Erika The House of Hawthorne
Roessiger, Claude Madame Alexandra’s Rules of Business
Romo, Kelly Whistling Women
Rowley, Aidan Donelley The Ramblers

Samuel, Sigal The Mystics of Mile End
Sanna, Lucy The Cherry Harvest
Schoenewaldt, Pamela Under the Same Blue Sky
See, Lisa Shanghai Girls
Shah, Neel and Chatham, Skye Read Bottom Up
Sheehy, Patti Stalked: The Boy Who Said No
Simons, Paullina Lone Star
Sittenfeld, Curtis Eligible
Snider, Gordon The Hypnotist
Stewart, Edward Ballerina
Strayed, Cheryl Wild
Sullivan, AshleyRose Silver Tongue
Sweeney, Erin Michaela Every Breath is a Gift

Tallent, Elizabeth Mendocino Fire
Thompson, Rachel Broken Places
Todd, Charles An Unwilling Accomplice
Tom, Jessica Food Whore
Trigiani, Adriana All the Stars in the Heavens
Tulathimutte, Tony Private Citizens
Tyler, Anne Vinegar Girl


Valdez-Perkins, Dolen Balm
Van Alkemade, Kim Orphan #8
Various Fall of Poppies: Stories of Love and the Great War
Various Reader, I Married Him

White, Kate The Wrong Man
Wiggs, Susan Starlight on Willow Lake
Wilson, Sari Girl Through Glass
Winspear, Jacqueline Journey to Munich
Winters, Cat The Uninvited
Wiseman, Rowena The Replacement Wife
Woods, Tess Love at First Flight






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