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Review: Carrying Albert Home by Homer Hickam

Carrying Alber Home (429x648)

Hardcover: 432 pages
Publisher: William Morrow (October 13, 2015)

Carrying Albert Home tells the sweet, funny, and sometimes heartbreaking tale of a young couple and their special pet on a crazy 1,000-mile journey. Told with the warmth and down-home charm that made Rocket Boys a beloved bestseller, Homer Hickam’s rollicking novel is truly a testament to that strange and marvelous emotion we call love.

Absolutely delightful story, the characters along with their adventures and of course the depth of the premise made this story undeniably charming.

Elsie – at first she comes as harsh but as the story progresses you realize there is much more to this woman than meets the eye. Homer – his patience and love for Elsie is both endearing and frustrating. He’s a man full of integrity and often a victim of circumstance. I found myself cheering this couple on, hoping love would smooth out their rough patches and find themselves on equal ground. Albert is adorable along with his rooster buddy, Hickam creates a mighty character and I was able to visualize Albert and his ‘yeah-yeah-yeah’ and smile crystal clear. We learn of Elsie’s stealth loving side as she openly and freely displays her affection and attachment towards Albert.

The story is a love story but not one that is saccharine and sentimental, rather it’s a glimpse into a marriage stuttering along with the poignant message of ‘appreciate what’s in front of you as opposed to what you wish you had.’ Hickam balances the implausible with the plausible, a few of the predicaments were far fetched but left you guessing their validity, a level of whimsy lingers further endearing you to both couple and their tale.

A wonderful journey with memorable characters, my kind of love story, perfect ending.

About Homer HickamHomer-Hickam

Homer Hickam (also known as Homer H. Hickam Jr.) is the bestselling and award-winning author of many books, including the #1New York Times memoir Rocket Boys, which was adapted into the popular film October Sky. A writer since grade school, he is also a Vietnam veteran, a former coal miner, a scuba instructor, an avid amateur paleontologist, and a retired engineer. He lives in Alabama and the Virgin Islands.

Find out more about Homer at his website, and connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.

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