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Review: The Bridge Ladies by Betsy Lerner

The Bridge Ladies cover

About The Bridge Ladies

A fifty-year-old Bridge game provides an unexpected way to cross the generational divide between a daughter and her mother. Betsy Lerner takes us on a powerfully personal literary journey, where we learn a little about Bridge and a lot about life.

By turns darkly funny and deeply moving, The Bridge Ladies is the unforgettable story of a hard-won—but never-too-late—bond between mother and daughter.

My Review

I’m a sucker for a mother-daughter story – the bond tightened, repaired or reignited, whatever the case, my interest always piqued. In this instance Betsy and her mother delve into long sought after questions requiring answers, vague memories revisited, clarified, and a quasi heart to heart. It’s a slow process especially since these are two incredibly headstrong women without the best communication skills. Progress made but I found myself frustrated with Betsy. She came across as unbending, judgmental and borderline disrespectful. Yes, the age span separating the two women is great, beliefs, social norms but I couldn’t shake the feeling Betsy was resistant to understand her mothers position, there were smatterings of moments when significant headway was made and then she slipped into the old unyielding Betsy. I kept wanting to shake Betsy and tell her to embrace her mother while she can, enjoy the present and let the past go, accept your mother before it’s too late. I’d like to believe Betsy picked up my subliminal thoughts and is drowning in a more than pleasant relationship today with her mother.

I found the stories of the other bridge ladies fascinating, reading of friendship, girlhood to adulthood, ups and downs was diverting. Times have and haven’t changed.

Great memoir of a mother-daughter dynamic combined with over fifty years of friendship and familiarity between women along with their individual struggles and successes. Reading this I was reminded of the fantastic relationship I shared with my mother, luckily it was streamlined without strife. Oh how I miss my mother, a beautiful woman I emulate daily, I was truly blessed, she is missed every second. Don’t miss out Betsy!

Betsy Lerner APAbout Betsy Lerner

Betsy Lerner is the author of The Forest for the Trees and Food and Loathing. She is a recipient of the Thomas Wolfe Poetry Prize, an Academy of American Poets Poetry Prize, and the Tony Godwin Prize for Editors, and was selected as one of PEN’s Emerging Writers. Lerner is a partner with the literary agency Dunow, Carlson & Lerner and resides in New Haven, Connecticut.

Find out more about Betsy at her website, and connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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Publisher: Harper Wave (May 3, 2016)


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